How to Install FFmpeg on Debian with APT

The FFmpeg command line interface (CLI) application is a free, versatile audio editor and video editor for Linux, Windows, and macOS. FFmpeg offers a long range of possibilities for recording, streaming, and converting media files to your preferences.

Below we cover how to:

Keep in mind, the apt version of FFmpeg is behind the latest version available. For the latest, stable FFmpeg version, you’ll have to install FFmpeg from source code or email our 24/7 Live Support to request a free installation.

Install FFmpeg on Debian

  1. Log in to SSH
  2. Update Debian package lists:
    sudo apt update
  3. Install FFmpeg with the apt package manager:
    sudo apt install ffmpeg
  4. Check the installed FFmpeg version:
    ffmpeg -version

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Use FFmpeg

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You just installed this powerful CLI multimedia editor. How can you test its capabilities?

How do you use FFmpeg? Let us know in the comments below.

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