Do you provide SSH access?

SSH Access is available to our VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Reseller Hosting users.

How can I get Shell Access?

VPS/Dedicated Shell Access

There are a few requirements for using SSH with your VPS or Dedicated Server. For standard SSH, you can log in using your cPanel username and password. For root access to the server (similar to the Windows’ “Administrator” user), please see our guide titled: How to Obtain Root Access.

Shared/Reseller Shell Access

More information on getting started with Shell Access with a Shared Web Server or Reseller Hosting Plan can be found here: How to SSH into your Shared/Reseller Server.

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  1. Hello this article is outdated. For VPS/Dedicated SSH access, SSH has to be initially enabled in WHM. Please refer to the following articles:

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