Submit Podcasts to iTunes with Podcast Generator

After configuring Podcast Generator, you’ll want to ensure your podcast is ready for iTunes once you upload your first episode. Doing this helps you reach more potential listeners from multiple podcasting platforms as well.

Because many podcast platforms require similar standards for approval, Podcast Generator has specific settings to help you ensure your podcast is approved when submitted. Below we cover four settings to submit your podcast to iTunes.

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Change iTunes Settings

  1. Log into Podcast Generator.
  2. From the admin dashboard, you’ll need to configure the following sections:

Change iTunes Cover Art – at least 1400 x 1400 pixel JPG or PNG image. You can use enlargement tools such as waifu2x for a higher pixel rate.

Select or change iTunes Categories – Choose up to three categories, or genres, related to your podcast content to help potential listeners find you.

Validate this feed with w3c validation service – Go to to check for podcast feed issues and how to fix them.

Submit your podcast to the iTunes Store – Go to to submit your podcast.

Check out our Live Broadcasting section for more ways to improve your podcast.

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