Convert a Media File Format in Audacity

Audacity is a popular free audio editor for musicians and podcasters doing destructive audio editing. While more advanced users may prefer FFMPEG for file conversions, Audacity makes such changes easier for users without experience in the command line interface (CLI). Below we cover how to convert media files in Audacity. Share your creative content fast Read More >

How to Show Video Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing (SDH) enables everyone to enjoy your video content. If you’re creating these subtitles manually with a text file, you should test the playback before publishing it. In this article, we’ll cover two methods for doing this with VLC Media Player: Same filename and folder Different filenames and Read More >

How to Create Audio Spectrum Visuals with FFmpeg

In this article: Audio and Video Content Showwaves Visuals Video Content FFmpeg is a powerful command-line application able to record, stream, and convert multimedia files between multiple file types. This is great for compatibility with audio platforms with different format requirements. And don’t forget users who prefer lossless formats – e.g. FLAC and OGG. Some Read More >

How to Convert Media Files with FFmpeg

In this article: Supported File Types Convert Audio Files Convert Video Files Extract Audio from Videos There are many free audio editors and video editors that can convert between multiple formats, add metadata, and add effects to improve sound quality – e.g. Audacity noise cancellation. But sometimes all you need is a different file format. Read More >

PowerPress Podcast Episodes in WordPress

You’ve edited the audio and video for your podcast, configured the PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry, and validated your podcast feed. Maybe you’ve already worked out a schedule and title format for when you’re going to publish episodes. Now, it’s time to publish your first podcast to let everyone know what to expect from you Read More >

Upload Episodes in Podcast Generator

After you configure Podcast Generator, you’ll want to upload your first episode before you submit your podcast to iTunes. Podcast Generator offers multiple methods to accomplish this. Note: Do you need more disk space and performance to accommodate more podcast episodes and listeners? Get your content transferred to our VPS Hosting for free today with Read More >