PowerPress Podcast Episodes in WordPress

You’ve edited the audio and video for your podcast, configured the PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry, and validated your podcast feed. Maybe you’ve already worked out a schedule and title format for when you’re going to publish episodes.

Now, it’s time to publish your first podcast to let everyone know what to expect from you in this new medium. Below we’ll upload podcasts and create episodes.

Upload Episodes

Upload the episode media file via cPanel, FTP, or WordPress Media Library.

  • If you use cPanel or FTP, consider using a dedicated subdirectory inside wp-content/uploads.
  • Episodes uploaded in WordPress Media Library are uploaded in wp-content/uploads/[date] by default.

Note: To upload podcast episodes via WordPress Media Library, you may need to increase the php.ini upload size for larger media files. WordPress Network users can fix this in the dashboard.

Create Episodes

  1. Log into WordPress if you haven’t already.
  2. Create a post.
  3. Add a podcast episode title.
  4. In the body text, add a description for the podcast episode – time stamps for new topics, links, guest info, sponsor/affiliate links, etc.
  5. In the Podcast Episode section below, add the full URL to the podcast media URL.
  6. Click Verify URL.
  7. Set the Category to the option specified within your PowerPress configuration. To continue with the default option – podcast – simply create a category named “Podcast”.
  8. Click Publish.

Note: After publishing a new episode, it may not show on podcast platforms for up to 48 hours. If you want to ensure an episode releases as soon as possible on iTunes, click Refresh Feed in PodcastsConnect.Apple.com after submitting your podcast.

Once you publish your first podcast, don’t forget to submit your feed to iTunes and other podcast platforms. While you’re waiting for your podcast to be published, edit your default media player for when fans visit your website to play podcasts. Then edit your MP3 tags and other metadata.

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