Can’t Send Email With VPN Connected? Let’s Fix That.

Many privacy-conscious users have been there. You’re at home or in your favorite lounge with your virtual private network (VPN) application enabled because you’re connected to an open public network. You’re trying to clean up your inbox but your email responses don’t send – they sit in your outbox. You can do everything else on the internet. There are no issues receiving email in your email app or sending email in Webmail.

If your network and firewall aren’t blocking email ports – SMTP (25), POP3 (110 and 995), and IMAP (143 and 993) – it’s likely your VPN restricting your ability to send emails via Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. The reason for this is simple – security.

VPN providers want to prevent malicious users from using their services and IP addresses to send spam and other unsolicited types of emails. Such activities result in VPN providers’ IP’s being blacklisted and hurt their service quality.

It’s the same reason we recommend customers follow our article for strengthening overall email authentication and recommend VPS Hosting customers create an IP address pointer (PTR) record.

Your email app uses different ports which your VPN can allow or deny within it’s network firewall. Webmail uses port 2095 (insecure) or 2096 (secure / SSL) in your browser along with port 80 (insecure) or 443 (secure).

How to Fix This

You’ll need to contact your VPN provider for the information they require to whitelist your outgoing email. Generally, you’ll need to provide some of the following:

Important Email Settings

You can also get this information by checking your email account settings within your respective email application.

If you need more IP addresses, you can purchase IP addresses in your Account Management Panel (AMP).

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