How to create a Basic Page in Drupal 8

While there are a few different content types in Drupal 8, there are only two that are available by default. These are the Article and the Basic Page. This article will focus on the Basic Page.

What is a Basic Page?

The Basic Page is typically used for content that is static, or rarely changes. An example commonly found on websites is an About Us page. These types of pages are most commonly linked to the menu bars within your website. The instructions below will guide you on how to create your first Basic Page in Drupal 8.

Creating a Basic Page in Drupal 8

  1. Log into your Drupal 8 interface.
  2. select menu option from toolbarAt the top of the page, you will see a toolbar. Find and click on the Menu link.
  3. select the content menu optionAfter clicking on the Menu option, another menu bar will appear directly underneath. Select the Content option.
  4. select the add content buttonYou are now on the main content list page. Here you will see a list of all content pages and articles that have been created on your site. As this will be the first page, there are none listed for now. Click on the Add Content button to begin.
  5. select the basic pageYou will be met with a selection of available content types. There are two types by default, Articles and Basic Pages. Select the Basic Pages option.
  6. add content to your basic pageThe next screen is the content editor screen. Here you will need to add the title and body content of the page. Once completed, click on the Save and Publish button at the bottom. Your new page is now published and ready for display and can be viewed by either menu link or direct access of the URL. Below is an example of the page we created in this tutorial.

    the new page

Congratulations on creating your first Basic Page in Drupal 8! This is the quick and easy version, however. It did not cover how to change the URL alias of the page, add the page to a navigation menu, comment settings, or assign the content to the front page.

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