Scheduling with the Backup and Migrate Drupal Module

One of the first things you should do once you get started with Drupal 8 is install the Backup and Migrate module. After you create your first backup, you should schedule automatic backups just in case anything goes wrong (for example, the Archive_Tar vulnerability reported in December, 2019) or need to update Drupal core.

Schedule Backups

  1. Click Configuration at the top.
  2. Under Development, click Backup and Migrate.
  3. Click Schedules.
  4. Click Edit beside the default Daily Schedule.
  5. Check the Schedule enabled box.
  6. Change the Backup Source to Entire Site.
  7. Change the Backup Destination to your created destination.
  8. Change the Frequency to change every X amount of days or weeks.
  9. Specify the Number [of backups] to keep before the oldest is deleted.
  10. Click Save.
Scheduling options in Drupal Backup and Migrate Module
Configure scheduling to ensure you have up-to-date backups

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