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It is simple to change your WordPress page from ‘Static’ to ‘Posts’. This is a fundamental aspect of a WordPress site. Which choice is right for your website? The best layout depends on what you want out of your site. Let’s examine some practical considerations to help you make that decision.

Learn how to change your WordPress homepage from the default blog feed to a static page!

The Purpose of Posts

WordPress began as a blogging platform. Think of the ‘posts’ setting as the site’s blog mode. Any new post you add to your site is automatically displayed on the homepage. This is a great choice if your site is a blog. ‘Posts’ style WordPress sites are not limited to bloggers, though! Many types of content creators will benefit from using a ‘Posts’ style of page.

Any consistently updated creative content benefits from a ‘posts’ style of WordPress site. Do you have a podcast or YouTube show that updates every week? Are you a visual artist and want to focus on your latest creation? Use the ‘posts’ setting to draw attention to what you’re up to now. WordPress sites also improve their search engine rankings with frequent updates. Consistent updates can help improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

The Reason for Static

Static WordPress sites usually keep the same appearance until updated. A big appeal of static sites is how ‘low maintenance’ they are. A ‘posts’ style site with no updates for a few months looks abandoned. A well designed static site can look current for long stretches of time. Static sites are especially useful in a few specific situations.

Small, Focused Portfolios

Are you a photographer, journalist, or web designer trying to bring in clients? Static sites are a great way to show off a few of your best projects. ‘Post’ sites highlight every new piece but ‘static’ portfolios focus on your best work. A static portfolio site is a reliable reference point for your work. Plus, you can still use a social media feed to show off your latest projects. Since it’s WordPress, you can still easily change the site whenever you need to!

eCommerce Sites

Well-designed business sites direct customers to the best selling products. More advanced configurations select items to display based on a customer’s profile. Any changes made to an online storefront should be deliberate.

Many online stores have a blog, but it usually isn’t on the homepage. Homepages often include galleries, slideshows, or sale information. Many of these are generated automatically via plugin. This lets a store’s site show off specific products with a few plugin changes.

Static sites can still change! Plugins, updates, and other addons can all affect site appearance. The main difference is that static sites won’t update based on blog entries.

What works for you?

You may not be sure what kind of site you want. Take some time to look into the pros and cons of each site configuration. If you are just starting out,  experiment! The only way to find the right WordPress site for you is by working with a few different versions. If you change your mind later, remember that it’s easy to switch from one configuration to the next.

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