Connecting a Stock Image Gallery To Your WordPress Blog

Connecting a Stock Image Gallery To Your WordPress Blog Hero Image

Images work magic for your site. They can instantly communicate a wild array of emotions that inspire your users to act. But they’re really expensive! Serving professional, high-quality images on your WordPress site can easily cost you thousands.

This is why image libraries exist. Professional photographers sell (or share) their pictures to image libraries who offer them to the public. Some of these libraries are free while others charge a fee.

In this article you’ll learn:

With these options available to you, you’ve got no excuse but to start using strong images on all of your page content and blog posts.

You Need Fast Hosting Too

It’s difficult to emphasize how slow-loading images pose a huge detriment to your site. When your site loads slowly, it produces a poor user experience. Also, a slow site has been demonstrated to cause negative SEO. This means search engines will serve your site lower in search rankings if it’s slow. This is why InMotion Hosting created fast, secure WordPress Hosting accounts, so you can focus on creating great content and spend less time doing server admin duties.

BoldGrid Image Search

As mentioned above professional images can be very costly and may be well outside your website budget. This is why the BoldGrid site builder includes a free image search feature. The image search feature scans various image libraries to get you professional images right from within WordPress. This means you don’t need to leave your post while composing it.

The image search feature prioritizes free libraries and automatically attributes the source of your image. However, with BoldGrid premium, you can enable paid libraries and get even higher quality images.

Instant Images Plugin

There are other plugin solutions available if you don’t have BoldGrid installed. The Instant Images plugin uses the Unsplash photo library and can be integrated into your WordPress post editor. However, you will need an Unsplash account you use with plugin properly.

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