Attach Jetpack License in WordPress

In this guide, we cover how to attach a Jetpack license purchased through the Account Management Panel (AMP) to a WordPress installation.

Jetpack is a versatile WordPress plugin that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance websites.

From improving site performance with faster load times to enhancing security with real-time threat detection, Jetpack provides essential features like site backups, malware scanning, and social media integration.

Locate the Jetpack License Key

  1. If needed, purchase the license.
  2. Once purchased, copy the license key that is provided on the confirmation page.
    You can also locate the license key by clicking Jetpack Licenses from the AMP My Account page.
    Jetpack Licensing on AMP My Account page
  3. You will then be brought to a page that lists all of your Jetpack Licenses.
    List of Jetpack Licenses in AMP

Attach Jetpack License

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Install and activate the Jetpack plugin.
  3. From the popup modal, click on Set up Jetpack.
    Set up Jetpack button
  4. Sign into your account when prompted, or create one if needed.
  5. Click Approve.
  6. Navigate back to the WordPress Dashboard for your site.
  7. Hover over Jetpack in the left side panel.
  8. Click on My Jetpack.
  9. Click Activate a license at the bottom of the page.
    If you have already activated a license, you need to locate Click here to get started towards the top right.
    Click here to get started link
  10. Enter the Jetpack License Key.
    Add Jetpack License page
  11. Click Activate to enable.

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