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While it is possible to install and configure a custom Minecraft server on a VPS or Cloud VPS platform, which platform you choose to use will impact the scalability and flexibility of your server. In this article, we will explore the differences between Minecraft Cloud VPS vs Minecraft VPS platforms.

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Minecraft on VPS

Installing Minecraft on a standard, or managed VPS platform can be an easy way to set up a private, custom Minecraft server. This is great for users that don’t want to fuss with back-end configurations and settings and want to focus on creating a custom Minecraft server.

Ease of Use

Since managed VPS platforms are pre-configured and managed by trained system administrators, they are easier to use than other VPS platforms. Since you don’t need to worry about setting up operating systems or managing crucial system functions, you have more time to focus on setting up your Minecraft server. Getting started with Minecraft on VPS is as easy as downloading the relevant .jar file for the version of Minecraft you wish to use, then installing it using a few simple commands. You can use the default Minecraft server software or customize it to make your own, with additional libraries for in-game content and systems that will enhance your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft on Cloud VPS

Installing Minecraft on Cloud, or unmanaged VPS platforms is a more advanced way to deploy a custom Minecraft server, with a wider array of options for customization. Since the server is unmanaged and not pre-configured, you can install custom firewalls and other software as the need arises. This makes Cloud VPS a preferred option for experienced users that already know what type of Minecraft server they wish to build and want the freedom to install required software and make necessary configuration changes.


Does your custom Minecraft server need a specific version of Ubuntu to run properly? With an unmanaged VPS, that’s no problem. Since you can configure the server to have a variety of different operating systems, you can set it up to be perfectly compatible with your desired Minecraft installation. For users skilled with server deployment and system administration, this type of server may be ideal for your custom Minecraft server. 

As an example, the standard Minecraft server software uses the Java application framework to operate. As such, it is necessary to have an up-to-date version of Java installed in order to make use of the specific .jar files used for the Minecraft server software. With a Cloud VPS you can install Java and keep it up to date.


Want to create multiple servers? With Cloud VPS you can easily create multiple copies, or instances, of the same server environment for quick duplication and deployment of Minecraft server installations. This is useful for situations where you want to create a number of individual Minecraft servers for experimentation or to meet demand. By quickly setting up a cloned instance of your current Minecraft server, you can install new libraries or customize the entire .jar application file and test the results without impacting your active server.

VPS vs Cloud VPS

The decision between using VPS and Cloud VPS platforms for your Minecraft server ultimately comes down to your level of proficiency. Do you feel like managing your own web server, including databases and network administration, or do you want something easy to set up and use? Once you figure out which platform works best for you, you can get started with your own Minecraft server.

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