Installing GIMP to edit Images

GIMP is a free open source image editing software that has many different features to help you edit images on your website. GIMP has a very close feel to Photoshop, but is absolutely free. If you need to make make advanced modifications to your images a more powerful image editor may be needed, but for simple tasks such as re-sizing and cropping we recommend using GIMP.

The first step is you’ll need to download GIMP. For security reasons we recommend downloading GIMP from the official website. Keep in mind. GIMP is free so do not install it from any website that charges for it. Once you have downloaded the installer, doouble click on the .exe file and the installation will begin.

When the program opens, click on “Install” and GIMP will immediately begin installing on your local computer. You should see a screen similar to this:


Once the installation has finished, you’ll see a confirmation page appear:


Click on the “Finish” button and GIMP will automatically open:


GIMP has now been successfully installed on your computer. 

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