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In this article, we’ve outlined a few options that you have when incorporating a calendar on your website. Most calendars offer very similar features, and so our goal in this article is to give you an introduction to several calendar options you have and also show you what they can look like when incorporating them into your site. All screenshots in this article show calendars embedded into WordPress posts and use the TwentyEleven theme.

Google Calendar

We started out our calendar testing with Google’s Calendar. The Google Calendar was the easiest of the three to not only setup, but to share and embed into our testing site. This is a Google product after all, so you know that you’ll be using a quality product.

what google calendar looks like

Localendar offers both a free and a paid version. After a few minutes of testing, we found it quite easy to use as well. A major advantage this has over the other calendars listed is that localendar includes several different ways to embed the calendar into your site:

  • you can publish a link directly to your calendar
  • you can embed your calendar using javascript
  • you can also use an iframe to show your calendar

After testing with WordPress, we found that the iframe version worked best.

what localendar looks like


Webcalendar is available for install using Softaculous. While it is one of the more feature rich calendars, we found it to have quite a bit of a learning curve, especially when trying to setup a public calendar.


Calendars by CMS



JEvents is a popular calendar component for Joomla 3. We just finished writing a tutorial series to help you get started with creating a calendar in Joomla 3 using JEvents.

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