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One of the most important specifications of any computer system is the amount of storage space available on the hard drive. This is generally referred to as disk space, and is an important metric to consider when choosing your preferred hosting plan. In this article we will discuss dedicated server disk space and explore the specifications of InMotion Hosting dedicated servers. 

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Dedicated Server Disk Space

Disk space on dedicated servers differs from disk space on VPS or shared hosting platforms in two key ways: capability for expansion, and dedicated storage that isn’t shared with other users. 

Expansion Capabilities

Unlike on a VPS or shared server, dedicated servers usually have the ability to expand their storage space through the installation of additional disk drives. This allows users to scale their storage capacity in response to changing demands. If a photography website finds itself storing an increasingly large volume of high-resolution images, it may be time to install additional hard drives to make more disk space available.

Dedicated Storage

Since the dedicated server belongs to only one user, the disk space isn’t shared among multiple users like it is in a VPS or shared server. This means all of the disk space on the hard drive is yours to use as you see fit. By having dedicated storage you can ensure that your website will continue to have room to expand without worrying about other users taking up too much space.

InMotion Hosting Dedicated Server Disk Specs

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of dedicated server disk space we can review the specifications of InMotion Hosting’s dedicated server product line. Each server specification includes a drive capable of housing large volumes of data but you will need to determine which configuration will fit your needs for archiving or performance. The performance of the storage options will depend on the type of storage you select with NVME having the best speeds.

SSD Storage

For high-speed SSD storage, InMotion’s dedicated servers all use standard SSD hardware as their primary hard drives. Some dedicated server plans use these hard drives in a redundant array of independent disks, also known as a RAID system, for added reliability.

NVMe Storage 

If you’re looking for servers utilizing state-of-the-art hard drive technology, the higher-end plans use NVME M.2 hard drives. This next-generation hardware offers even higher data transfer rates than standard SSD hardware. These higher data transfer rates ultimately translate to faster uploads, file saves, and enhanced website performance.

Build Your Own Server

If you decide to build your own dedicated server, you can select any number of standard SSD hard drives, up to 50TB. If you already know how much storage your server will need, this might be the option for you.  You can choose to include drives solely for the purpose of storage.

You can also work with our InMotion Hosting Engineers to develop a solution that includes hot-swappable drives, IPv6 support, and DDoS protection. These servers can be configured for multimedia storage, high-volume database use, or simply for redundant data storage.

Estimating Your Disk Space Requirements

While reviewing the various specifications we’ve just discussed, there are a few things to keep in mind when estimating how much disk space you will need. Do you plan to host a large number of high-resolution images or videos? Do you plan to store large quantities of collected data? Are you anticipating the rapid growth of your website operations? How much space do your applications require in order to function properly? 

By answering these questions you can better estimate how much storage you’ll ultimately need and set up your dedicated server for long-term success.

Know you’ll always be able to reach your customers when they need you with our Dedicated Hosting Services.

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