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If you know that you need the power, control, and customization of a Dedicated Server, then you will need to choose a plan — and hardware — appropriate to your business. Let’s take a look at one of the core differences between Dedicated Server plans — the amount and type of Random Access Memory (RAM) on a server. Knowing how much RAM you need for a given server configuration and purpose will help you start your business’s latest project on the right foot.

The Differences Between Managed cPanel and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers

Our Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers are based on the popular cPanel server software. You’ll have cPanel, and WebHost Manager (WHM) available to help you automate basic hosting tasks within a graphical user interface. These hosting plans are Managed Hosting, which means that our team can directly assist with certain aspects of setup and provide knowledgeable feedback on certain common situations.

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers offer a great deal of control, your choice of Operating System, and are fully customizable to whatever specifications you choose. Configurations on these types of servers can vary so greatly from one machine to another that our support will be limited compared to our Managed cPanel Servers. Beyond installing a basic operating system and helping you connect to the server via SSH, you and your team will be in charge of everything on a Bare Metal Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server RAM Features to Understand

DDR3 vs DDR4: Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM has been the industry standard RAM format for decades. The number merely refers to the product generation. DDR4 began to replace DDR3 in the mid-2010s, though DDR3’s lower cost means that is still a great choice in budget-conscious situations.

ECC: Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM is a configuration that helps prevent certain types of server errors and mitigate their negative effects should they occur.

The Amount and Type of RAM for Each Type of Plan

PlansAmount and Type of RAM
Essential & Essential Metal16GB DDR3 RAM
Advanced & Advanced Metal32GB DDR4 RAM
Elite & Elite Metal64GB DDR4 RAM
CC-1000 & CC-1000 Metal128GB ECC DDR4 RAM
CC-2000 & CC-2000 Metal192GB ECC DDR4 RAM

Estimate How Much RAM Your Site or App Will Need

Estimate Based on Experience

The best way to determine how much RAM you need for a Dedicated Server is to already have relevant data from a Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting Plan — or from a similar site/business. Chances are, if you’re ready to put your business onto a Dedicated Server, you or someone in your business already has these numbers and knows what the most important consideration — and most likely limitation — is going to be.

If this is all new to you, we have a brief guide on RAM and speed in Dedicated Servers to help you start thinking about this in context. Pay particular attention to the effect that Control Panels and Content Management Systems will have on your server. If you and your SysAdmin team are custom-coding a highly optimized and static shopping experience, you’re going to be making much more efficient use of RAM than someone putting a ready-made eCommerce solution on a WordPress site — but that ready-made solution may be more cost effective based on how much easier it is to get up and running!

Server RAM vs. PC RAM

If you’re a gamer, musician, graphic designer, or film editor, you’ve probably come to expect the amount of RAM in your personal computer to double every few years. These days, you wouldn’t bother running a triple-A game with the latest video card on anything less that 32GB of RAM and. If you’re a video editor and can afford the hardware, memory hungry programs like Adobe Premiere can easily eat up 128GB of RAM and still leave you wishing you had more.

If you’re used to needing 64GB and more just for your hobbies, the amount of RAM on servers can seem low at first. Keep in mind, though, that server RAM is being used for an entirely different purpose on a completely different software stack.

Websites, web applications, and the even the kind of web-based machine-learning applications run on a server are designed and optimized to serve data to the computers visiting a site as fast as possible. Modern site design even offloads a great deal of the work of a site to the visitor’s computers through intelligent use of JavaScript and other client-side languages.

If this is your first time seriously thinking about server RAM, be sure you focus on the right numbers — site traffic, bandwidth, etc. That way, you end up choosing the server setup that’s right for your business.

Know you’ll always be able to reach your customers when they need you with our Dedicated Hosting Services.

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