3 Reasons to Use concrete5

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When looking for an easy-to-use solution for building your own website, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Some platforms require users to navigate through a web of menus, while others provide more straightforward options for page editing. Depending on your level of experience with web design, you may find some solutions more useful than others. For users looking for a streamlined experience, concrete5 is a perfect fit. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons to use concrete5 for your web design needs. 

Reasons to Use concrete5

Creating an About Me Page

Using concrete5, users can quickly create simple About Me pages that can display images, text, and video. Since concrete5 uses modular blocks to add page elements, you can create a clean, uncluttered page and allow visitors to focus on the content of the page itself. Other platforms have built in features such as view counters, comment sections, or other cumbersome features that are not always necessary and sometimes difficult to disable. With concrete5, your site is a blank canvas that you have total control over. 

Creating a Virtual Photo Gallery

Since concrete5 can be used to display images, it is perfectly suited for easily creating clean photo gallery pages. The drag and drop nature of the concrete5 blocks means you can place the images exactly where you want them instead of relying on a frustratingly rigid pre-set template. And with the uncluttered nature of a concrete5 site, the focus can remain on your photos and not on confusing page elements.

Creating a Survey Page

With the ease-of-use offered by concrete5, it is possible to quickly create a simple survey page to gauge visitor interest or customer feedback. Since the concrete5 blocks come with preset functionalities, all you need to do is add the Survey block to your page and customize it as you see fit. This means you can quickly set up custom surveys that can be easily accessed via your website URL.   

Now that we’ve explored some uses for concrete5, please check out our guide on installing it via Softaculous!

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