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In addition to hosting text, image, and video content, there are a number of additional concrete5 features that may not be immediately apparent to new users. Through the use of concrete5 blocks, you can add comment sections, social media links, and much more. By incorporating these elements into your concrete5 pages you can provide a better experience for anyone that visits your website. In this article we will explore some additional concrete5 features and how they can be used to enhance your site.

Concrete5 Features

Form – This block allows you to create a custom form. These forms can be used for gathering feedback from customers, obtaining contact information, and more. This works well for creating mailing lists and receiving information directly from website visitors. 

Survey – This block allows you to create a custom survey. These surveys function in a similar way to the form, with a key difference being in how surveys allow you to share the results of the survey with the public or registered users. Surveys are great for generating audience participation and promoting user engagement. 

Share This Page – This block allows you to set up social media sharing options. Since social media is more popular than ever, it helps to have your site ready to be shared with the click of a button. 

Google Map – This block allows you to embed a google map interface in your website. This can be used to display the location of a physical storefront or other place of business, or it can be used to highlight areas of interest using the latest Google Maps data. This is great for travel websites or any business looking to share its physical location with website visitors.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some concrete5 features, you can better decide how to plan your concrete5 website.

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