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While concrete5 offers a wide variety of options for displaying text, the ability to create and display Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is particularly helpful for educating new visitors as to the purpose of your website. FAQs are common features of websites, providing a quick-and-easy way for users to get answers to some of the most common questions. In this article, we will outline the process for adding FAQs to concrete5 pages.

What are FAQs?

FAQs or “Frequently Asked Questions” are questions that are repeatedly asked by multiple different people. The goal of an FAQ list is to address these questions in a central location with concise, clear answers. This prevents unnecessary back-and-forth communications and helps avoid confusion regarding frequently discussed topics. By providing a comprehensive FAQ, a website can answer all of a visitor’s questions even before they know to ask them.   

Adding FAQs to concrete5 Pages

  1. First, log into your concrete5 account
  2. Next, open the concrete5 page editor.
  3. Click the + sign to open the block menu and then drag and drop the FAQ block under the navigation section.
  4. After adding the block, a menu should appear. The first option is “Add Entry“, which allows you to add another entry to the FAQ.
  5. The next option is navigation link text, this is where you can specify the text used for the FAQ navigation list. This navigation list functions like a table of contents for the FAQ.
  6. The next option is Title Text. This area is where you can input the question being used in the FAQ list. 
  7. The final option is the description. The description is where you can provide the answer for the question entered previously.
  8. Once you’ve added all of the entries you wish to add, click Save.

Congratulations, you now know how to add an FAQ to concrete5 pages!

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