How to Create a Board in SMF Forum

How To Create a Board in SMF

Now that you know how to create categories in your SMF forum, it’s time to create some boards. Boards are where all the magic happens. A board is where your users can submit topics for discussion. This is what a forum is all about, creating discussions and discourse from the crowd. Don’t worry about a rowdy crowd just yet, you are going to learn all about moderating and managing content in later tutorials. For now, you are going to create a board under a chosen category.

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Step 1. Click Admin

A menu where the clickable link Admin is pressed
The Admin section of your SMF forum is where most of the magic happens.

Step 2. Under Forum click Boards

A clickable area to enter the Forum section of your SMF admin area
If you prefer to not use a dropdown you can just click Forum anytime.

Step 3. Select Add Board

A button that creates a new board labelled Add Board
Be sure to click Add Board under the proper category. This can be changed later, but it’s always best to be precise. And as you can see, you can also move boards once you have created them under the category.

Step 4. Fill in all of the key information about your new board

A form full of fields that will populate the new board settings
Pay close attention to the assignment of Allowed Groups. These are the groups of users who will have access to this board. It can be public or private to a select group of users. (Later tutorials in the series will help you learn all about groups, privileges, and how to assign certain users access as appropriate.)

That’s it! You now know how to create a board in SMF forum. This article is part of the complete SMF education channel. The Simple Machines Forum (SMF) suite of tools allows to create, moderate, and manage a lively forum with multiple users contributing all kinds of content. Be sure to visit and bookmark the SMF education channel, as more content will be appear there from time to time.

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