Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Simple Machines Forum (or, SMF) provides power and free suite of forum tools for creating lively discussion on your website. If you have ever used a forum you have probably come to expect a certain set of features, including safe secure login, ability to participate in various conversations, and be notified of new posts. SMF easily provides these services. For administrators, there are a few more features you require, including: being able to contact users through email, controlling forum discussions through moderation, creating privileges and access levels appropriate for your site. SMF handles all of these features and more. Here is where your journey with the Simple Machines Forums (SMF) software begins.

For most users just starting out, the “Getting Started” section provides everything you need from a bare installation to creating the necessary structures for content: categories and boards. Your users (and you yourself) will be able to create topics for discussion under those boards.

Getting Started

Getting started in SMF is easy. We’ll start with installation, learn how to log in and manage your account, and then (for admins) how to create categories and boards. This section will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Admin Mastery

An important part of SMF is knowing the difference between tiered levels of participation. The admin level is the highest. This section of the education channel will inform you on how to manage important services at the admin level.