How to Add Events to the SMF Calendar

The SMF calendar allows you to create a shared calendar among your users. You might be thinking, “Well, why not just use Google Calendar or some other app?” One clear advantage presents itself: if you use a third-party calendar, separate from your app, you will need to integrate that calendar with your SMF forum. This is fine if your SMF forum is not central to what you do. But if usage of the forum is the central spot for interaction with your users, it makes most sense to have your calendar in the same place.

How to View The Shared SMF Calendar

First things first, you will need to know how to view the SMF calendar. This is easy. But if you prefer to set up quicker access you can always bookmark the URL.

  1. Log into SMF
  2. Click Calendar from the main navigation bar

You will now be brought to the calendar view. On the left you will see the previous and next month and the current month. The current month calendar will be featured in the main viewing space.

The SMF calendar view

How to Add Events To The SMF Calendar

Now for the important part, how do you add events to the SMF calendar? Remember that every event you add to the calendar will have a forum post created to support it. This means that the calendar will display the event itself on the correct day, but other information must be added to the topic post. The calendar event will link to the topic post.

  1. Click Post Event from within the calendar view
  2. Fill in information about the post and (including time and attachments)
  3. Click Post

That’s it! Now you know how to create events in the SMF calendar. Be sure to check out these articles from the SMF education channel:

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