How to Create a Topic in SMF

How to create a topic in SMF

Creating a topic is one of the fudamental actions in your SMF forum. Users, with the proper user privilege, will be creating topics for discussion with the click of a button. You, as the admin, can always create topics of your own as well.

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Create a Topic in SMF

In order to create a topic in SMF forum, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select a board

Select a board

Step 2. Click New Topic

Click new topic

Step 3. Fill in the topic information

Fill in the topic information

When you create a topic in SMF, an entry in the database is created to manage the topic itself and the associated data. Your installation is unlimited as far as how many topics you can have in the forum.

However, you might encounter an issue in which a topic is in the wrong category, in which case you should move it; or, you might encounter a situation in which an answer to a topic warrants the creation of a new topic. In the latter situation, you can split a topic into another topic entirely. This way, your users can continue to go into dept on the subtopic as far as necessary. This process is also unlimited.

Moderating Topics in SMF

When moderating your forum for content, make sure that you have already outlined the terms and conditions regarding what kind of content is encouraged and what kind of discussion is not allowed. It’s your forum, so you make the rules. But it’s always best to make sure that everyone knows the rules beforehand. That way, you can more easily adjudicate problem content by referring to your own terms and conditions. By default, SMF will show your users the default terms and conditions (which you can edit) before they register their account.

Next Steps

That’s it! Now you know how to create a topic in your SMF forum. Feel free to share this article with your forum users if they have any trouble creating topics.

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