Creating a new user in SMF 2.0

Since the vast majority of users will sign up for your site themselves, there is not a way to create a user directly in the admin dashboard. If you wish to create a new user profile, you will need to do so within the normal registration method as your site visitors. Below are instructions for doing just that.

How to create a new user in SMF 2.0

  1. Visit the front page of your SMF Site. To begin user account creation, click on the Register link from the top menu.

  2. Next is the Terms of Service for creating an account on your SMF site. Click on the button labeled I Accept The Terms Of The Agreement to continue.

  3. This page is where you will enter the user’s basic information. At the bottom is a captcha security feature to prevent robotic, or, automated user creation. Once you have completed the information form, click on the Register button to save the information.

  4. If the information is valid and successfully saved, the user account will be logged in and returned to the main screen.

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