How to remove the SMF logo from your header

In the default theme, SMF has its own logo located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This stays even if you add your own custom logo, which appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen, replacing the title text. If you decide you do not wish to keep the Simple Machines logo in the right corner, you may remove it. Below are the instructions on how to remove the default logo from your SMF 2.0 website.

Deleting the default logo in SMF 2.0

  1. Log into your cPanel or use FTP to get to the root folder for your application.
  2. Once in the root folder, you will need to navigate to the correct folder. Go to the Themes folder and then choose the folder that corresponds to your theme. For our default theme, it is the default folder. Inside the specific theme folder is the index.template.php file, which you will need to edit. From here, you can either download the file to edit or, if you are using cPanel, open the file directly to edit it.
  3. After you have the file open, you will need to find the exact line of code to edit. The line of code appears as follows:
    <img id="smflogo" src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/smflogo.png"
    alt="Simple Machines Forum" title="Simple Machines Forum" />

    Likely the easiest method that also has the fewest consequences is to add comment code to the beginning and end of this code line. This keeps the original code in tact, and prevents any messages in your error log you would get by simply deleting the image file or renaming it in the code to a nonexistent file name. The codeline, with the comment tag, should look like the following:

    <!-- <img id="smflogo" src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/smflogo.png"
    alt="Simple Machines Forum" title="Simple Machines Forum" /> -->

    This simply comments the code out and does not remove it. This way you can always reactivate the code by removing the <!– and –> code from the beginning and end of the line, respectively.

  4. After editing the line of code, save the file and re-upload it if you need to. If you upload the file, be sure it goes to the same folder you downloaded it from.
     You can now view your site and see that the logo has been removed.

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