Setting Domain MX Records to Remote Settings in cPanel

MX records (short for mail exchanger records) are DNS (Domain Name System) resources that specify a server that will be handling your email for your domain. When working with the default settings, you will likely never need to adjust your MX records settings on your server. Some people have an external DNS manager that has Read More >

342: Finding your WordPress database name

When using the Softaculous tool to install your WordPress, a database name is created for you by default. Many people do not even notice this setting since it is already entered and therefore do not remember the database name. You may, however, need to recall this name later on, especially when troubleshooting or when you Read More >

WordPress 4.8 Released

Announcement: WordPress 4.8 has been released. This is a major update, so it is strongly recommended that you update your WordPress site. As always we recommend creating a backup before making any major changes, or updates. You can backup your website with Softaculous, perform a full cPanel backup, or backup your database/website files individually. Status: Read More >

West Coast Data Center Connectivity Issue

Status: Partially resolved. Who is impacted? All accounts located on the West Coast Data Center Estimated time until resolution: We currently do not have an estimated time to resolution. 2017.05.08 7:44am EDT We are still having intermittentpacket loss with with connectivitiy to the West Coast Data Center. 2017.05.08 We are having intermittentpacket loss with with Read More >