How to Verify Your Account for Support

What is Verification?

When you need assistance with your account and reach out to our Live Support team, you may be asked to provide verification of your account. Verification is a method we use to confirm that the person contacting us is authorized to have changes made to the account. This often is the account owner but may also be a trusted individual such as a business partner, developer, office assistant, etc.

Why Do You Verify?

We verify as a basic level of security. Without a verification process anyone would be able to contact support and make any changes they like. This could include having a password changed so the person could steal files or registration of the domain name or even the entire account. A disgruntled employee may want to take revenge on their employer or perhaps a developer who was fired decides they want to regain access to wreck the site. Without verification, anyone can claim they are authorized and then take malicious actions in the account. We want your accounts to be as safe as possible.

Types of Verification

There are a few different ways to verify an account. Some are for full disclosure and some are for limited disclosure. The different types are listed below.

Auto-Verified Chat and AMP HashCode

Once you are logged into your AMP, you can select the Launch Chat button. A pop-up will appear. Simply, fill out the form and ensure you select Technical Support from the Please select the most appropriate department drop-down menu. Since the live chat initiated from within your authenticated AMP session, your account is automatically verified.

You can also verify your account during live chats or calls with AMP HashCode. This method will generate a random code for you to give the support agent over the phone or through chat.

Last 4 Digits of Credit Card on File

Another method of verification is by using the last 4 digits of one of the credit cards on file. The last 4 digits are unique to the card but are not enough for anyone listening to be able to use the card. The digits are evaluated against the list of cards that are on the account. If one of the cards has the same last 4 digits, then the account is verified. It is not recommended to give this information to anyone you do not trust with your billing and personal information as this verification allows full disclosure.


As an additional level of security, we have implemented an optional passphrase. A passphrase is used when an owner is worried that the last 4 and AMP password may be accessed by someone they do not want to have account access. By adding the passphrase, then ONLY that can be used to verify the account. So if an employee calls in and has the normal verification method, we will not allow any changes to be made without passphrase verification. This type of verification allows full disclosure.

Developer Passphrase

We also allow a developer passphrase to be used. This type of verification is for developers. This way they have authorization to have minor changes made to the account such as files, etc but no major changes such as credit card or billing information. They will also not be able to ask for that information. This is a limited disclosure verification method.


  • I setup the account in 2015 and haven’t done much with it since. I was to start working on it now however I do not remember my passwords or even which credit card I had at that time. How else do I verify?

    • I recommend going to the AMP login page and clicking the “I don’t remember my password” link. This will allow you to reset your password via email.
      Thank you,

  • i cannot access my email  , i already change the passowrd  but still i cannot access ,

    only this email , please check it  , 

  • Hi 

    As a prospective customer I cannot use live chat… however your phone number doesn’t seem to work. Do you only cater for people in the US? 

    • Our sales team is available to anyone in the world at all times to answer any questions you have via phone or chat. Our tech support team is also available to anyone in the world but limited to active customers.

    • That is correct. In order to ensure quality Technical Support, our team is only available to current customers. If you have questions about our services, prior to becoming a customer our Sales team is dedicated to addressing your concerns. The online Customer Community Support is always available as a resource for non-customers as well.

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  • Since you are able to verify our account by asking for the AMP password, are you saying that our passwords are not encrypted and avilable to all support staff?

    • No, the support staff cannot see your password; it is encrypted. That is why we offer three alternative forms of acceptable verification besides the AMP password. No is required to provide their secure passwords to the support staff.

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