Piwigo Features

In this article we will cover the Piwigo features that make it a good choice for any photo gallery.

Piwigo is an open-source web application that functions as an online image library solution and also a complete Digital Asset Manager (DAM). 

The software allows users to manage collections of photos and other forms of media.

In this article we will cover the Piwigo features that make it a good choice for any photo gallery.

Piwigo Features

  • Upload photos: You can add photos with the web form, any FTP client like FileZilla, or a desktop application such as Lightroom, as well as some mobile applications.
  • Batch Manager: Filter photos from your collection, make selections, and apply actions in batches such as change the author or apply tags.
  • Organize and share photos: Organize your collection with albums, add photos to multiple albums, display your photos in a calendar and browse by date, and control privacy settings for who is able to view your photos.
  • Geolocate photos on a map: Piwigo is able to pull GPS latitude and longitude from embedded media metadata. Piwigo can then display your photos on an interactive map with the help of plugins like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.
  • User management: As an admin, you can create users and groups, manage permissions, and send notifications. Piwigo also allows several administrators to work at the same time. 
  • Themes and Plugins: Control how your collection looks with themes or add new features with plugins. Piwigo currently has 350 extensions available and continues to add new ones, all of which can be installed with just a few clicks. 
    • Full-screen slideshow: Add the ability to view full-screen slideshows using extensions like the Fotorama plugin, or specific themes such as Bootstrap Darkroom.
  • Configuration settings: Piwigo features several configuration settings to help you customize the software to fit your needs. 

While not a feature, it’s worth noting that Piwigo was designed to be super easy to install with the minimum requirements, and updates can be done with a single click of a button.

Another cool thing about this software is that if there are Piwigo features you’d like to see, you may be able to help bring them to life. New Piwigo features are added on an ongoing basis as a result of coding team ideas as well as discussions with the user community. 

The Piwigo features make it a great tool for photo galleries and help make your user experience a good one, but it also provides a great place for your visitors who can post comments, give ratings, mark photos as favorites, perform searches, and get notified of news by email.

If you would like to test out the Piwigo features for yourself, the software is completely free to try out with either its self-hosted option that requires your own web host (such as InMotion Hosting), or its cloud-hosted option which requires a paid plan, but offers a free 30-day trial and premium features like automatic backups and dedicated support. 

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