How to install WebCalendar

If you need to keep track of events on your website you can utilize the WebCalendar application which can be installed via the Softaculous installer. In this guide we’ll walk you through installing this calendar software that you can run on your website.

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. click on softaculous

    Under the Software / Services section, click on Softaculous

  3. type in web click on webcalendar

    In the search box at the top-right, type in Web, then click on WebCalendar

  4. click on install

    Click on Install to begin the installation process

  5. fill out install info click install

    Fill out the installation details, the In Directory setting sets where your calendar install will be available from and in this case we’re using calendar.

    In this example we’d access our WebCalendar install at with the details we provided.

  6. click on calendar link

    After the installation completes, you can click on the link to visit your WebCalendar installation.

  7. tmp error after install

    When you first access the WebCalendar you’ll see this error:

    My Calendar Error  Error removing temporary file.  The permissions for the following directory do not support the db_cachedir option in includes/settings.php:  /tmp
  8. code edit settings.php

    Using the cPanel Code Editor open your /includes/settings.php file for your WebCalendar install.

  9. update db_cachedir click save

    The setting for db_cachedir will be set to /tmp by default:

    db_cachedir: /tmp

    You’ll want to change this to your cPanel user’s /tmp directory by editing this value to:

    db_cachedir: /home/userna5/tmp

    In this case our cPanel username is userna5, then just click Save

  10. webcalendar install complete

    Now if you try to access your WebCalendar install again, you should see the month display by default.



p style=”margin-top: 15px;”>You should now have a working calendar on your website that you can use to schedule events and share with your visitors.

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