Enable Maintenance in CMS Made Simple

When starting out, you may not want the world to see your progress yet. Below we cover how to set your CMS Made Simple website to maintenance mode..

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Maintenance Mode

    CMSMS Maintenance Mode Settings
  1. Log into CMS Made Simple.
  2. Click Site Admin, then Settings – Global Settings.
  3. Click Maintenance Mode
  4. Select Yes under Is the website “Down for Maintenance”: Is the website “Down for Maintenance”. Make desired changes to the message and settings.
  5. Click Submit, then Yes.

Exclude Users From “Site Down” Status

  1. Select “Yes” under Exclude users logged in to the CMSMS Admin console and insert IP addresses to exclude.
  2. Click Submit, then Yes.

To find more ways to enhance your website, check your system information. Learn more about CMS Made Simple in our Support Center.


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