Update Moodle 3.6 to Use MariaDB

Moodle users may get an error while attempting to upgrade. This may be due to Moodle looking for MariaDB while MySQL is installed. This is more common on shared server accounts as Dedicated / VPS hosting users can upgrade to MariaDB anytime. Below we’ll configure Moodle for MariaDB.

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Specify MariaDB

  1. Log into your server via cPanel File Manager, FTP, or SSH.
  2. Navigate to your Moodle directory.
  3. Edit the Moodle config.php file.
  4. Change the following two lines:

    $CFG->dbtype = ‘mariadb‘;
    $CFG->dblibrary = ‘native‘;

  5. Save your changes.

Learn more about this process from Moodle documentation. Learn more about Moodle with our Support Center.


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