How to manage your theme settings in SMF 2.0

There are many settings you can use to customize your theme. They include things such as adding custom logos, changing formatting such as width, and several toggle settings where you are enabling or disabling different things. Altogether, these settings give your forums a specific look and feel for your visitors. Below are the instructions on how to change these settings as well as explanations of the different settings found in SMF 2.0

Managing forum theme settings

  1. Log into your SMF admin dashboard.
  2. From the entry page, click Admin from the upper menu. This will reveal a second menu just underneath the first. Hover over Configurationand click on Current Theme from the popup submenu.
  3. You are now on the Theme Settings page. It is broken up into to separate parts. The first part is the Theme URLs and Configuration, and the second is the Theme Options and Preferences section.
    theme urls
    This theme’s nameThe name of the current theme.
    This theme’s URLThe folder location of the current theme.
    This theme’s images URLThe image folder location of the theme.
    This theme’s directoryThe server path for the theme.

    options and preferences list

    Logo image URLThe path for the logo image. This can be changed to insert a custom logo.
    Site SloganThe site slogan, tagline, or subtitle you wish to display for the theme.
    Select default smiley set for this themeSelect the smiley group from the dropdown list.
    Forum widthSet the forum width in relation to the viewer’s screen resolution.
    Show current position in forum as link instead of textA visitor’s current location is displayed at the top of the page as they navigate around. This can be set to link for easier navigation.
    Enable and show ‘Mark as read’ buttonsIf enabled, ‘Mark as read’ buttons are visible and users able to tag topics as having been read.
    Allow users to turn off word censoringWhen enabled, the user can control word censoring on their own.
    Enable random news line in the forum headerAllows you to show a random news line at the top of the page.
    Show news fader on board indexDisplays news box where items use a fading effect.
    Fading delay between items for the news faderAllows you to set the length of the fading delay in milliseconds.
    Number of recent posts to display on board indexThe number of recent posts to display on the board index page. Setting this to 0 disasbles the feature, showing no posts.
    Show statistics on board indexWhen enabled, displays various stats on the index, such as total users, total posts, etc.
    Show latest member on board indexDisplays the most recent member to join.
    Show group key on board indexIf enabled, displays a color legend for the groups in the Who’s Online listing.
    Show who is viewing the board index and postsDisplays either who or the nuber of viewers for posts.
    Show last modification date on modified postsDisplays the date a post was last changed.
    Show view profile button under postDisplays an icon under a members name that can be clicked to view their profile.
    Show user avatars in message viewDisplays the user’s chosen avatar under their name.
    Show personal text in message viewDisplays the member’s personal text under their name or avatar.
    Show gender images in message viewDisplays gender images in the poster’s avatar section.
    Hide post group titles for grouped membersWill hide a users Group title.
    Show BBC Buttons on Posting and PM Send PagesDisplays Bulletin Board Code buttons.
    Enable collapsible additional post optionsAllows other post options to display, such as Attach, etc.
  4. Once you have configured your settings, click on the Save button in the lower right corner.

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