Developer Access Tools

Some of the more common questions we get are about the types of access tools that developers can use to work on customers’ websites. There is a plethora of tools available for developers allowing them to access and work on the sites in the ways they are comfortable. Below we have compiled a list of the some of these tools and features so developers can take a look and make the best decision for hosting with us. This list is also perfect for owners who want to have options and separate the access between themselves and developers. These are available for shared, VPS, and Dedicated server plans.

Quick information access

One click technical information access

The account owner can email all the account technical information (server names, usernames, IP addresses) from within the Account Management Panel. This will give the developer everything they need to be able to access and configure the site.

cPanel Access

cPanel access

All the websites on an account can be managed via a control panel application named cPanel. This is a graphical interface that allows the developer to perform various site creation and management tasks very easily.

cPanel Login capability separate from AMP

The developer is able to log into the cPanel dashboard without having to go through the account owner’s Account Management Panel (AMP).

Softaculous Installer tool

Softaculous is an application that quickly installs over 250 programs. This allows the developer to get started quickly and not have to stumble through awkward manual installations.

File Access

FTP Access

FTP access allows a developer to upload, download, and manage files with a single remote interface.

SSH Access

For the more savvy developer, SSH access (also known as Shell access) is an option. It allows account management from a command line interface. This can make managing a site much faster as there is not a graphical user interface getting in the way.


Email Creation

Some hosting providers do not allow email. You do not have to worry about third party email addresses or configuration here. Developers can set you up with professional email addresses using your domain name.

Email forwarder creation

Developers can set you up with email forwarders so that a single email address can send copies to as many recipients as you wish.

Individual spam management

Spam sucks. Our hosting accounts have multiple tools for managing spam including Spam Assassin as well as Account and User level filtering, just in case your coworker likes to get emails from Nigeria but you don’t!

Newly Added Features


Ruby development has been a hot topic for a few years. Our hosting accounts are configured for Ruby in case your developer wants to build you applications with this language. See our page about Ruby Hosting here.


Normally a companion to Ruby, PostgreSQL is an Object-relational database management system designed to store and retrieve data for your applications. This is offered alongside the ever popular MySQL.

NVMe SSD Servers

We offer servers with Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification (NVMHCIS). These drives are much faster than standard SSDs and HDDs and speed can make or break your site. Developers will also love the NVMe SSDs on the back end because it can increase their productivity. Read more about SSD Hosting

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