How to update Koken

In this article, we will review how to update your Koken installation to the newest version to ensure the stability and security of your site.

Why should I update my Koken installation?

Just as any content management system, Koken needs to be updated any time there is an update available to ensure that you have the most stable and secure version. Updating your Koken CMS regularly is your best defense against hacks caused by script vulnerabilities or any other bugs that may exist.

Updating Koken

Updating Koken is a very simply process thanks to the features that the Koken developers have built in. Within just a few clicks, your Koken installation will be fully updated.

  1. First, you will need to log into your Koken dashboard.
  2. update notification

    If there is an update available for Koken, you should see a notification right up top as soon as you log in that states that there is a new version of Koken available for download. Click on the Install Now button.

  3. updating in progress

    Koken will then begin installing the new version. As soon as it is complete, you will be fully updated and running the newest version of Koken.

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