How to Create an AbanteCart Coupon

Learn How to Create an AbanteCart Coupons

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create an AbanteCart coupon. Coupons and promotions are a great way to draw in new customers or encourage existing ones to complete a purchase. 

You can create them ahead of time and set them up to expire on a specific date. This is ideal for creating seasonal promotions to drive sales conversions. So, follow along and learn the steps to create coupons and promotions in AbanteCart.

If you’re interested in using AbanteCart to build an online store, it can be installed with just a single click using Softaculous which is included with all of InMotion’s Shared Hosting plans. 

Creating an AbanteCart Coupon

  1. Login to your AbanteCart Admin panel.
  2. Click Sales then Coupons in the navigation menu.
    Accessing the AbanteCart Coupon List
  3. You will then see any existing coupons listed. Click the plus “+” button to create a new coupon.
    Adding an AbanteCart Coupon
  4. You can then fill in your coupon data then click the Save button.
    AbanteCart Coupon Options

    Below is a breakdown of the available options.
StatusThis must be set to “On” for this coupon to be active.
Coupon NameEnter a name to help you remember the nature of this coupon.
Coupon DescriptionExplain what this coupon or promotion is for.
CodeEnter the code visitors will enter at checkout to use this discount.
TypeSelect if you want this coupon to deduct a Percentage, or Fixed Amount.
DiscountIf you selected a Fixed Amount for the “Type” enter the discount amount here.
Total AmountIf you enter a number here, the customer must spend this much before the coupon will work.
Customer LoginSelect “Yes” if you want to require customers to be logged in before they can use the coupon.
Free ShippingChoose if you want free shipping included with this promotion. Options are “Yes” and “No”.
Date StartEnter a date for when this promotion will be available for customers.
Date EndEnter a date for when this promotion will stop.
Uses Per CouponEnter an amount of times this promotion can be used.
Uses Per CustomerEnter a number for how many times a customer can use this discount.
CategoriesChoose which product categories this coupon can be applied to.
ProductsChoose which products this coupon can be applied to.

Congratulations, now you know how to create an AbanteCart coupon. Now you can start creating promotions to drive sales conversions. Check out our AbanteCart section for more guides to help you build a successful eCommerce store.

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