Creating AbanteCart Product Categories

Learn How to Create AbanteCart Product Categories

AbanteCart product categories are used for grouping similar products together. Categories can help you organize items that you are selling. This can also be used to identify other products customers may be interested in purchasing.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make new AbanteCart Product categories for your online store.

If you’re interested in using AbanteCart to build an online store, it can be installed with just a single click using Softaculous which is included with all of InMotion’s Shared Hosting plans. 

How to Create AbanteCart Product Categories

  1. Login to your AbanteCart Admin panel.
  2. Click Catalog then Categories in the navigation menu.
    Accessing Catalog for AbanteCart Product Categories
  3. Click the plus “+” button to create your own category.
    Adding AbanteCart Product Categories
  4. You can then choose your settings as needed. Below is a description of the available category options. Be sure to click the Save button after filling in the fields.
Category StatusThis must be set to On for this category to be enabled.
Parent CategoryClick this drop-down menu and select a category if you want to create this as a child category.
Category NameEnter an identifying name for this new category.
DescriptionExplain what is included in this AbanteCart Product Category.
Meta Tag KeywordsCreate a short list of the product keywords you are targeting for this category. This may help search engines determine the purpose of this category.
Meta Tag DescriptionEnter a short explanation for what products are included in this category. This may help search engines understand how to serve your content up on SERP pages.
SEO KeywordEnter a keyword to help identify what is included in this category. This keyword will be included in the page address if you enable AbanteCart SEO URLs.
StoresSelect the stores that you want to include this category on.
Sort OrderEntering a number here will affect the order this category displays within the parent category.

Congratulations, now you know how to create new AbanteCart Product Categories. Check out our AbanteCart section for more guides to help you build a successful eCommerce store. 

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