How to Add a Product in AbanteCart

Learn How to Add a Product in AbanteCart

One of the key product management tasks in AbanteCart is adding new products to your online store’s catalog. In this guide, we’ll show you how to add a product in AbanteCart. First, we’ll walk you through accessing the section for adding products, then go over all the available settings and options. 

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Note: You must have AbanteCart Installed before you can follow this guide.

Add a Product in AbanteCart

All of the available options when adding a new product can be overwhelming. These options can also help when managing inventory, collecting taxes, and determining the cost of shipping for products.  We’ll now go over these settings so you’re familiar with how they can help you manage your catalog. 

  1. Login to your AbanteCart Admin panel.
  2. Click Catalog then Products in the navigation menu.
    Product Catalog - How to Add a Product in AbanteCart
  3. Click the plus button to add a new product.
    Adding a New Product in AbanteCart
  4. You will then see two sections available: General and Data. Fill in the following sections as needed then click the Save button on the bottom.
StatusSet if the product is on or off. On will make this product available to customers.
Featured ProductTurn this switch on to make this a featured product.
BlurbWrite a short explanation of this product, it will show up on product pages and lists.
DescriptionWrite a full description of this product that will display on the product page.
Meta Tag KeywordsEnter words that sum up this product. This can help search engines understand the item.
Meta Tag DescriptionWrite a description of the product, this can show up on search engine result pages, also known as SERPs.
Product TagsEnter tags that can help group related products together. Separate them with a comma. This can be used to help customers find similar items. 
CategoriesSelect the category this product is grouped in from the drop-down menu.
StoresSet the stores this product will be available in. If you only have one store, you can leave this as “default”.
BrandSelect the brand of this product from the drop-down menu.
ModelEnter a model number if applicable.
Block Product From OrderingIf this is set to “On” customers will be prompted to contact you to purchase the item.
PriceSet how much visitors will pay for this item here.
CostSet how much you paid for this product.
Tax ClassSet this option to “Taxable Goods” if you want to charge taxes for this product.
Track StockSet this to Yes of you want AbanteCart to track the amount of stock available for this product.
QuantityEnter the number of items you have available for this product.
Minimum QuantityIf you enter a value here, customers will be required to buy this amount.
Maximum QuantityYou can set a limit to the amount of products that someone can purchase here.
Stock CheckoutSet this to “Yes” if you want customers to be able to purchase this product, even when it is not in stock.
Pre-Order StockStatusSet this drop-down menu to “Pre-Order” if you want to allow pre-orders when the item is not in stock.
SKUEnter a SKU number here if applicable.
Misc LocationThis is just an extra field, it can be used for additional item specific information.
SEO KeywordEnter keywords here, this used to help search engines serve your product page accurately in the past. This may also help search engines crawl your site.
Date AvailableIf a date is set here, the product will not be available for purchase until then.
Sort OrderYou can enter a number here to affect where this product shows up in relation to other products.
Requires ShippingSet this to “On” if this is a physical item that needs to be sent via mail. Set it “Off” if this is a digital or downloadable product.
Free ShippingSet this to “On” if you want this product to ship without a charge.
Ship Product IndividuallySet this to “On” if you do not want this product to ship with other items.
Fixed Shipping PriceEnter a price here if the shipping rate has a set value.
LengthEnter the length of the product.
WidthEnter the width of the product.
HeightEnter the height of the product.
Length ClassClick the drop-down menu and select if these dimensions are in centimeters, millimeters, or inches.
WeightEnter the weight of the product. This can be used for shipping purposes.
Weight ClassClick the drop-down menu and select if the weight is in kilograms, grams, pounds, or ounces.

Congratulations, now you know how to add a product in AbanteCart. You can repeat these steps for each product that you want to sell. Check out our AbanteCart section for more guides to help you build a successful eCommerce store.

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