Creating Backups for MyBB

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Different types of site backups serve different situations. While InMotion offers a full Backup Manager, and cPanel has the capability for full account backups, there are times when a more precision backup solution is in order. It’s easy to create backups for MyBB using the tools available in cPanel and MyBB itself. It can be a good idea to make these when transferring just the site, or before experimenting with new plugins. Read on for details on how to carry out these backups.

Creating Backups for MyBB

The following steps will let you backup and restore your site. More consistent backups are better for the sake of security, but this type of backup is great to have in addition to ‘standard’ backups when you are experimenting with new site designs and want one extra layer of backups just in case something goes wrong.

Note: these steps go over how to backup your site without using Backup Manager or any of cPanel’s built in backup tools. You may find that one of those serve your purpose better, if you have them available.

Backup Your Database

Backup, or export, your database using cPanel’s built in database tools — the easiest way involves using phpMyAdmin.

Backup Your Site Files

To backup your MyBB site’s files, simply use cPanel to compress the site files and download or transfer them. Remember to removed compressed backups from your cPanel account after you’ve transferred them elsewhere to save space.

Restoring Your Site

If you have moved your site from one cPanel to another, make sure you are restoring it to the same domain name in cPanel (either as the primary domain or as an add-on). Then, you can just extract the contents of the files backup you made to the new site directory. If you are restoring the site to the same server, possibly due to a data or security issue, be sure that you rename the old site directory and restore the site files to a new, fresh copy — this way you have the old files in case something goes wrong or you need to pull individual pieces of data out from them.

As for the database, all you need to do is import the database backup. Remember, if you don’t have a database and database user that you can freely overwrite, you may need to create a new one.

Troubleshoot Common Database Issue On Restore

If you’ve transferred a MyBB site from one server to another, uploaded the database, and are still receiving an SQL error, chances are that the database information in your configuration file (inc/config.php) does not contain the correct database information. Open that file in the editor in cPanel’s File Manager, and update the database name, user, prefix, and password to match the one set up in cPanel. You may need to reset the database password first to get everything to match.

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