Creating Backups for MyBB

Different types of site backups serve different situations. While InMotion offers a full Backup Manager, and cPanel has the capability for full account backups, there are times when a more precision backup solution is in order. It’s easy to create backups for MyBB using cPanel’s file management tools. It can be a good idea to Read More >

Install a MyBB Plugin

MyBB Plugins are small pieces of programming you can add to your site to add some new functionality to it. You may be familiar with WordPress plugins, but MyBB has its own set of interesting and well-crafted plugins too. They’re easy to install, and can add some especially advanced functionality to your site. How to Read More >

Install a MyBB Theme

The last thing you want is a bland looking message board. One of the benefits of using MyBB is that themes are easily customizable. You can even download dozens of free themes from the MyBB community page to help make your site look exciting. We’ll cover what makes a MyBB theme great and how to Read More >

Customize Your MyBB Board

After you’ve installed and secured your MyBB forum, it’s time to start making it your own. There are dozens of little things you can do to customize your MyBB message board so that posters feel welcomed and part of a community tailored to your specific interest, rather than simply posting on something using the default Read More >

Manage and Deactivate MyBB Attachments

Message boards are all about sharing information with others. Exactly what sort of information is safe to share will depend on the specific board. MyBB attachments include everything from movies and photos to spreadsheets and code. If you’re setting up a MyBB forum, you should know that registered users can attach files to their posts Read More >

Getting Started with MyBB

Running your own message board can be fun, rewarding work. There are a few things you can do in the early stages of the project to make things easier for you later on. Save yourself time later by getting started with MyBB the right way and secure registration while you work on developing and refining Read More >

Remove Users from MyBB & Delete Posts

Unfortunately, not everyone online is friendly. When you run a message board, depending on your users, you may find yourself cleaning up or moderating the occasional messy dispute. It’s easy to remove users from MyBB and clean up junk posts manually if you need to carefully control what does and does not get deleted. There’s Read More >