Fix Hyperlinks With

Not all hyperlinks work forever. Domains expire or change. Websites change permalinks – permanent URLs to individual posts and pages. Content is taken down. Having broken links can affect SEO ratings and upset website viewers. Below we cover how to check your website for broken links with

Fix Broken Links

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the domain to check for broken Links.
  3. Choose to list broken links once (Report distinct broken links only) or every occurrence of a broken link (Report all occurrences of each dead link). Click Find broken links now !.
  4. Each result will include:
    • Number in the list
    • Link that doesn’t resolve to the specified webpage
    url where the broken link resides
    src (source) code showing the HTML section with the broken link
  5. results

You can read more about the different results in the reference guide.


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