How to Setup Eudora 7 with Secure Sockets

Since the Eudora email client was recently released under an open-source license, people have been asking how to use this with InMotion Hosting’s servers. So, in this guide we will show you how to setup Eudora with a secure socket connection. For this example, we are using the POP option, which downloads your emails from the server. You will then be able to securely send and receive email from your InMotion Hosting Server.

Setup Eudora

  1. Click the Personalities panel.
  2. Right-click the personality such as &ltDominant>

, then select Properties.

  • Enter your settings on the Generic properties tab. Below is a description of what to enter.
    Real NameEnter the name you want to show the email coming from.
    Email AddressEnter your full email address such as: [email protected]
    User NameEnter your full email address such as: [email protected]
    SMTP ServerEnter your secure server name such as:
    Authentication allowedChoose Yes.
    Use relay personality, if defined:Select Yes.
    Use submission port 587Leave as not selected.
    Default DomainEnter your domain name such as:
    Secure Sockets when SendingUse the Required, STARTTLS. option.
  • On the Incoming Mail Properties tab enter your settings. Below is a description of the options.
    ServerEnter your secure server name, such as:
    ConfigurationChoose POP.
    Authentication styleSelect the Passwords option.
    Secure Sockets when ReceivingChoose Required, Alternate Port.
  • Go to Tools, Options, then the Esoteric ports options section. Make sure all 5 options are blank.
  • Congratulations, now you know how to setup Eudora with a secure socket connection! Now you can securely send and receive email from your server.

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