How to Use phpMyAdmin To Optimize a Database

Optimizing databases can be important for many reasons, most importantly to speed up the rate in which your database displays results. By optimizing the databases, you can dramatically affect how fast your website loads. Typically, optimization will only produce noticeable results if you have a large database. If your database has tables with over 10,000 rows or is over 500MB in size, it may be beneficial to optimize it. Databases smaller in size my not produce any noticeable results from optimization.

Steps to Optimize your database

  1. You can log into phpMyAdmin from your cPanel.
  2. Click on the database name for your website database located on the left.
  3. On the right hand column your tables should be listed. Scroll down till you see the “Check all” link.
  4. Click on that link, make sure all database tables are checked and then from the dropdown next to it, select “Optimize table”.

    This command will not work on all table types.

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