I get a 404 error when I access cPanel

If you get a 404 error when accessing cPanel, it’s most likely a firewall either on your computer or at your network level that is not allowing access to non-standard ports. This type of setup is common in some campus and office environments.

If you have access to your firewall, the best way to correct this issue is to open the cPanel ports. The numbers are as follows:

  • cPanel: 2082 and 2083
  • Webmail: 2095 and 2096
  • WHM (VPS/Dedicated): 2086 and 2087
  • Webdisk (Edge/VPS/Dedicated): 2077 and 2078

If you do NOT have the ability to unblock these ports, you may be able to access cPanel via proxy which runs over port 80. You would access cPanel/webmail/WHM/webdisk over subdomains:

  • https://cpanel.example.com
  • https://webmail.example.com
  • https://whm.example.com (VPS/Dedicated only)
  • https://webdisk.example.com? (Edge/VPS/Dedicated only)

Most of our newer servers already have these proxy subdomains enabled, so if you are unable to access these subdomains it means that you are on a server that was configured prior to our support of cPanel proxies. In such case, simply email [email protected] to ask us to enable the proxy for you. Note that depending on your server, enabling the proxies may require a server move if you are on a shared hosting plan, or an Apache update if you are on a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated plan.

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