Adding and Removing Blocked Contacts in iPhone Mail

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The iPhone Mail includes options to add or remove blocked contacts. You can use these options to add undesired email senders or phone numbers. Follow the steps below to learn how use these options on your iPhone.

Note: These options are based on an iPhone using iOS 13.1.2

Adding Blocked Senders

You will need to be in the Settings section of your iPhone to make these changes.

Add new blocked contacts
Phone#s and emails can be added to this list
  1. Tap on Mail in Settings.
  2. Scroll to the section titled Threading, then tap on Blocked.
  3. The screenshot above shows how this section appears (phone numbers are blurred out). Phone numbers that you block in the voice section of your iPhone are also added to the Mail section.
  4. Click on Add New. Note that in order to block someone, they will need to be added to your contact list or blocked by the Block this Caller option when you receive a call.

When you add the contact, you will see it appear in the list. Note that you will not receive phone calls, messages, email or FaceTimes from blocked contacts.

Removing a Blocked contact

If you have added a contact to the blocked list by mistake, then it’s very simple remove it. Simply, go to the blocked list and then swipe right. You will see the option to unblock the user as per the screenshot below.

unblock a contact

Congratulations! You now know how to add and remove contacts from the blocked list on your iPhone. Please see our iPhone articles in the InMotion Hosting Support Center website for more information.

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