Configure OctoberCMS Mail Settings

One of the first things you do after logging into OctoberCMS is configure your email settings. Yes, before you force SSL (HTTPS), install plugins, even edit the pages. Why? Setting this up allows you to receive emails from the CMS – the most important being to reset your password if you can’t login.The other pre-configured mail template sends a welcome email to newly added administrators with the login URL and their login credentials. Both are important for website maintenance and effective communication with other users. Below we’ll cover how to configure OctoberCMS mail settings with SMTP authentication.

Configure Mail Settings

  1. Log into OctoberCMS.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Mail configuration.
  4. Edit the following email configuration settings:
    Sender nameName to show as sender
    Sender emailSender email address – e.g. [email protected]
    Mail methodSMTP
    SMTP addressServer address or PTR record
    SMTP port587
    SMTP encryption protocolTLS
    SMTP authorization requiredCheck this box
    UsernameAdmin email account
    PasswordAdmin email account password
    Note: You can find your email configuration settings in your email app or cPanel > Email Accounts > Connect Devices. octobercms-mail-configuration
  5. Click Mail templates on the left.
  6. Click the Password Reset template email.
  7. At the bottom, click Send test message. If you receive the email, congratulations. If not, please check your settings against the screenshot or contact our 24/7 Live Technical Support for assistance. You’ll need mail configuration completed successfully if case you’re ever locked out of your OctoberCMS user account.
OctoberCMS Mail Configuration Page
An example of how to configure mail in OctoberCMS
After mail settings are configured, you can move on to other important tasks. Edit the Mail branding for color design changes to sent emails. Edit the Mail templates section to modify templates, layouts, and specific functions within emails.Follow our security guide to strengthen email authentication. For better security overall, check out our VPS Hosting plans with cPHulk, ClamAV Scanner, and more.
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