Convert .vcf to .csv for Email Contacts

Sometimes when you export contacts from an address book they will be in .vcf or vCard format. In this guide I’ll show you how you can convert these .vcf contacts to a .csv file instead.

This method works if you’re trying to export contacts in RoundCube, since it can only export to the vCard format. The .csv or comma separated values format is more widely used, so it can be imported into more applications.

Convert .vcf to .csv with Windows Explorer

  1. Open up Windows Explorer, you can hit (Windows key + E) to do this
  2. Navigate to your user directory followed by /contacts


  3. Click on Import from the top menu
  4. Select vCard (VCF file) from the import list, click Import
  5. Browse to the location of the RoundCube address book your exported, then click Open
  6. The contact file should open, just click OK on each contact in the address book to import it

  7. Once you’re done importing all the contacts, click on Close

  8. Click on one of your imported contacts and then hit Ctrl-A to select them all
  9. Now click on Export from the top menu
  10. Select CSV (Comma Separated Values), then click Export
  11. Click Browse…, name your file, then click Save followed by Next >
  12. Now select the fields you’d like to export and click Finish

You should now hopefully have all of your email contacts that were in vCard .vcf format converted over to .csv.

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23 thoughts on “Convert .vcf to .csv for Email Contacts

  1. Hi. this article is really helpful.. i need ur help bro. i have an excel file which contains about more than a million numbers. i want to convert it into .vcf file format so i can save it into my phone. how can i convert a excel file into a .vcf file. thanx in advance

  2. Hi

    Just a thought – I have had problems with large .csv files not being handled correctly. The work around for me was to break the data down into a number of smaller .csv files and import each one separately.

    Part of the problem might be how the software on the target device handles the data, much in the same way that a spreadsheet can only have so many rows and columns. Too much information at any one time, the excess data overflows and is lost.

  3. The method is simple, it only becomes time consuming if the list of contacts is extensive. Again, much appreciated

  4. Hi All! I have a big problem. I’ve imported my merged contact CSV file. It contains 2,978 entries. But when check it in the phonebook on the phone I can see 1,753 entries. I’ve found an opportunity how to export all entries. So I’ve exported into one file. It saved automatically VCF format. I’d like to convert this VCF file to CSV format to identify which entries missing. I found this great article. But after 14 entries I get an error message that says, “Application error in importing DLL c:\Program Files\Windows Mail\wabimp.dll” I use Windows 8.1 Professional. Has anybody seen this error message before? What is the root of the problem? How can I solve it?

    Thanks in advance,
    BR Z

    1. bnatloz, I was unable to find anything related to this error online. I would recommend contacting Microsoft directly for more assistance with this issue.

    1. Hello Mohammad,

      Currently this article explains the simplest way to convert this file. Aside from using a program specific to doing it for you.

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

  5. I have been beating my head against the wall about this. This made my week. Totally works, and now my tablet, phone, and email all have the same info. Makes life so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. Form follows function, simplest solutions always best.

    Many thanks for setting each step step out so clearly.

  7. Awesome. I can’t believe that I have been looking for a software to do this all this while.

    It’s amazing the number of things that one needs to learn in Windows.

    The best part was being able to select the fields that I need in the exported file.

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