Linux Cockpit File Manager Version 0.5.8

Cockpit Navigator - File Manager Application

Cockpit Navigator is a third party application for the Cockpit Linux server control panel. The Cockpit file manager app lets you use the web interface to easily:

  • Modify files
  • Edit file ownership and permissions
  • Create symbolic links
  • Upload and download files

Using the Cockpit File Manager (Navigator)

  1. Log into the Cockpit terminal or SSH.
  2. The easiest installation method is to download the latest version from GitHub.
  3. Under “Assets,” right-click the appropriate file to copy the URL for your Linux distribution. Download the package in your terminal.
    Ubuntu / Debian:
    sudo apt install ./cockpit-navigator_0.5.8-1focal_all.deb

    Red Hat 8-based distros:
    dnf install
  4. Refresh Cockpit or login if you haven’t already. You should now see “Navigator” under “Services” in the sidebar.
Cockpit file manager (Navigator)

At the top are options to:

  • Navigate directories
  • Refresh the view of the current directory
  • Search the directory
  • Create a directory
  • Create a file
  • Create a symlink
  • Upload a file

Select a directory to view its permissions, size, and dates modified on the right-hand side. Right-click the file for editing options.

Cockpit Navigator directory options

In the bottom-right corner you can:

Cockpit file manager viewing options
Cockpit Navigator viewing options
  • Change the file manager view from only icons to a detailed list
  • Toggle showing hidden files
  • Toggle night mode in the Cockpit Navigator

To create a new file with Cockpit File Manager:

  1. Navigate to the necessary directory.
  2. Select the “new file” button in the upper-right corner or right-click in the file manager and select “New File.”
  3. At the bottom, type the new file name.
  4. Select “OK” at the bottom-right. Navigator will refresh to display the new file.
  5. Double-click the file to add text.
  6. Select the “save” icon at the bottom to save changes and exit.
Cockpit Navigator text editor
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