How to Configure cPanel in WHM

One of the primary tasks you will face when managing your dedicated server is creating and managing accounts. WHM (Web Host Manager) creates cPanel accounts based on a primary domain. Each cPanel account can be configured after the completion of the setup using the Modify an Account option within the cPanel. The following tutorial displays the sections that you can use to configure each cPanel account.

How to Configure a cPanel Account

The configuration of an account can occur during the initial creation of the account or after it has been created. In order to create a new cPanel account, you start with Create New Account. You can also change the settings used by going into the Modify an Account section. These instructions are based on modifying an account.

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. In the search bar in the top left corner of WHM, type in “Modify an Account.” Click on the menu item when it appears in order to launch it.

    Modify Account menu item
  3. If you have any user accounts already created, then you will see them listed here. Once you have selected the user or domain, then click on Modify.

    Select menu item

  4. The first section is titled Basic Information. Each section will be listed in a table below and a graphic will show how it appears within WHM. Click on an item in order to modify it.

    Modify Account basic information

    Primary domainPrimary domain used to create the cPanel account
    UsernameUsername assigned to the cPanel account
    Account OwnerName of the Account Owner
    Contact EmailContact email for the account owner
    Default LocaleDetermines the language used in cPanel
    cPanel ThemeTheme for the cPanel appearance
    Modify Account resources

    After the Basic Information, you will see Resource Limits

    PackageName of the package used to create the cPanel account
    Disk Quota (MB)Hard drive quota assigned to the account
    Monthly Bandwidth Limit (MB)Bandwidth limit (by month) assigned to the account
    Email AccountsMaximum number of email accounts
    FTP AccountsMaximum number of FTP accounts
    Mailing ListsMaximum number of mailing lists
    SQL DatabasesMaximum number of databases
    SubdomainsMaximum number of Subdomains
    Parked DomainsMaximum number of Parked domains
    Addon domainsMaximum number of Addon domains
    Maximum Hourly Email by Domain RelayedMaximum number emails relayed per hour
    Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messagesA domain may send per hour Maximum number of failed email message
    The next section is called Privileges

    Modify Account privileges

    ResellerPrivileges Allows Reseller privileges
    CGI PrivilegesAllows CGI privileges
    Shell AccessAllows Shell access

    Modify Mail DNS settings

    The last section allows you to modify the DNS settings for email. You can set the DKIM and SPF settings to combat spam.

    Enable DKIM on this accountAllows you to enable DKIM settings for email accounts
    Enable SPF on this accountAllows you to enable SPF settings for email accounts
  5. One you have finished modifying these settings, click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the page in order to save any change.

How to Manbage Bandwidth Limits

This completes the tutorial for configuring a cPanel account using the Modify an Account option within WHM. For more information on account creation, make sure to review Create cPanel Accounts in WHM.

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