Transferring from cPanel to cPanel in WHM

cPanel provides a tool that you can use to transfer from cPanel to cPanel, from one server to another. This is a very powerful tool in that it makes moving from one cPanel server to another into a very simple process. Keep in mind that any configuration files that are affected by the change will still need to be changed. This tutorial walks you through the steps for the transfer process.

Please note that you can no longer create unlimited cPanels. For more information and price listings, please see our article on cPanel Pricing Changes. To learn more about the reasons behind this change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing Changes.

How to Transfer from cPanel to cPanel using the Transfer Tool

A VPS or Dedicated Server with root access is required to follow the steps in this guide.

  1. Login to the WHM as root.
  2. In the menu at the left, search for and then click on Transfer Tool. You will see several options that you will need to select or fill in. They include:
  3. Remote Server addressProvide the URL of the account you are transferring from.
    Remote SSH portBy default this is set to 22. Change it only if necessary.
    Select the user type for LoginThis can be either the root user or an account user. You will need the root user if you’re moving multiple accounts.

    Root user

    Root user

  4. Root Password– Add the root password so that the root user can be used for authentication. If you’re using the root user leave Restricted Restore unchecked.
  5. Once all of the information has been selected and added for the Remote Server Information and Authentication, click Fetch Account List.
  6. Compare cPanel versions

  7. The Transfer Tool will compare the versions of cPanel and display them for you. You will not need to select anything for the versions.
  8. Available packages

  9. You will also see a screen listing the available packages. You do not need to select anything on this screen.
  10. Select account for transfer

  11. You will then get the ability to search for the account you want to transfer. Uncheck only Express Transfer.
  12. After you have finished selecting the accounts you want to transfer, click Copy.
  13. At this point the Transfer Tool will begin the transfer for you. The initial transfer process should happen quickly, however the processing period depends on the size of your account.
  14. Transfer tool copies accounts from old server

  15. When the processing is complete, you will see Additional Options. The Keep DNS Zone would need to be unchecked UNLESS your servers are in the same DNS cluster. If you have any doubts, please contact our live technical support team
  16. Additional options-Keep DNS Zone


After the Transfer is Completed

At this point, the accounts should all be transferred over to you. You may still need to re-configure configuration files, clear cache, reset permalinks, set DNS settings, re-point name servers, etc. but the selected accounts should have transferred. Once you have completed your re-configuration and your testing of the moved accounts, you can close down your old server accounts.

Thoughts on “Transferring from cPanel to cPanel in WHM

  • I have a reseller acocunt over at hostgator that I am preparing to move… Will this work if I have just shell access, or do I need full root access?

    • I would recommend that you speak with our live technical support team as there may be other factors involved with transferring reseller type accounts. The way that your old host has it configured may not match with what is configured here, so the Website Transfer team may need to review it. You can find the contact information for our support team at the bottom of the page.

  • This does not work if the remote server is on a shared system. Use Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password.

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