How to Create Promotions in WHMCS

When selling your products as a reseller, you may want to create special promotions from time to time. This article explains how to create promotions and coupons from within WHMCS for you to use in your reseller hosting.

Creating Coupons and Promotions in WHMCS

  1. Log into your WHCMS admin interface.
  2. 01 click promoClick on Setup -> Payments – > Promotions.
  3. 02 click create promoClick on Create New Promotions.
  4. 03 give nameGive the promotion a code. You can either make it up or generate one with the button.
  5. Assign the discount type.
  6. 05 set recurringIf it is a recurring discount set that here.
  7. 06 set valueAssign a value.
  8. 07 set appliesSelect which products to apply the discount.
  9. 08 set requiresYou can select an item that is required for the promotion.
  10. 09 set cycleSet the Billing Cycle.
  11. 10 set startSet an expiration or a max number of uses.
  12. 11 set uses

    Select if you wish to make it a Lifetime Promotion.

  13. 12 set applySelect Apply Once to set the discount to apply only once per order.
  14. 13 set othersSelect any other options you want to apply.
    New Signups Apply to new signups only (must have no previous orders).
    Apply Once/Client Apply only once per client globally (only one order allowed per promo).
    Existing Client Apply to existing clients only (must have an active order to qualify).
    Upgrades/Downgrades Enable for product upgrades.
  15. 14 click saveOnce you have finished, click on the Save Changes button to activate the promotion.

15 afterOnce you have saved the promotion, you will return to the Promotions/Coupons list page, and your newly created promotion will be there.

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